Sacrée Soirée offers one of North America’s largest pools of kitchen and service professionals in North America.

With a track record of more than 140,000 hours of service per year, we are able to meet the workforce needs of companies such as hotels, food services, caterers, sports complexes, seniors’ residences and conference centers, for one-off’s, temporary mandates, permanent roles or outsourcing services.

“OVER 140,000 HOURS

By collaborating with its customers, Sacrée Soirée is able to create customized solutions, by offering qualified personnel based on the needs of each organization.

At the same time, Sacrée Soirée is a partner and employer of choice for industry professionals. The company connects its network of thousands of professionals with clients, all the while providing flexible schedules and varied work experiences.

We stand out through our service quality, which is made possible by the rigorous technical skills analysis process that we have put in place. Thus, from the profiles included in our large bank of professionals, we make sure to always match the requests of our clients with the skills and interests of the specialists in our brigade.

We are proud to work in partnership with many companies and to have contributed to their success for almost 20 years.

Since our success depends on your success and vice versa, we seek to build partnerships that will stand the test of time. Greatness requires a solid foundation, so everything we do is guided by strong values and the pursuit of lasting relationships.

Our values:

  • Respect and integrity, for a mutually respectful relationship based in trust
  • Honesty, for clear and straightforward communication
  • Teamwork and openness, because there is strength in diversity
  • Work/life balance, so our team can self-actualize in every corner of their lives
  • Reliability and agility, so we can honour our commitments while remaining flexible


Our team of experienced hotel and restaurant experts is proud to work in partnership with companies to meet all of their workforce needs. Our unique industry experience allows us to effectively support human resources and restaurant managers as well as managers on a daily basis. We are committed to supporting you in all your activities and contributing to the success of your organization.

Philippe Michaud


Sacrée Soirée