Sacrée Soirée is a must for all service and kitchen professionals looking for a flexible schedule, varied work experiences and want to work on mandates specifically suited to their skills and interests. The brigade is comprised of specialized personnel who join forces for special missions to put their know-how to work.

Why join our brigade?

  • Enjoy a flexible schedule and a better work-life balance
  • Gain experience in different types of organizations
  • Select opportunities that match your skills and interests
  • Benefit from competitive hourly rates based on your experiences
  • Live rewarding human experiences
  • Diversify your skills by working in challenging and diverse environments

Our extensive network of partners includes:

  • Well-known seniors’ residences offering rewarding and inspiring opportunities
  • Renowned food services and cafeterias offering opportunities in various sectors
  • Prestige hotel establishments (in the Greater Montreal area and other regions)
  • Caterers managing large events
  • Sports complexes allowing you to live exciting experiences
  • Conference centers who come alive with the events that animate the city

The mandates offered to our brigade vary and they can be:

    • One-off’s

The one-off’s mandates allow you to create your schedule via our self-service web platform by selecting the opportunities that suit your needs and availability.

    • Temporary

Temporary mandates allow you to join the brigade of one of our partners, hotels, food services, seniors’ residences or conference centers, for a predetermined period.

    • Permanent

You are hired by Sacrée Soirée’s placement agency (as part of our outsourcing services) or directly by the company that has selected you, in order to occupy a permanent role.

We promote career advancement within our brigade, whether to roles with greater challenges or to temporary or permanent mandates. Our approach, as well as our rigorous technical skills analysis process, allow us to discover talent and foster the development of kitchen and service professionals within the brigade.

Our values and our commitments to our brigade

  • Respect and integrity, for relationships built on mutual trust
  • Transparency and accessibility of information
  • Team spirit and open-mindedness, we rely on diversity and acceptance of differences
  • The balance between personal and professional life
  • Reliability and flexibility, honoring our commitments while offering flexibility

In addition, we are committed to:

  • Offering professional equity
  • Recruiting a diverse workforce
  • Maintain an inclusive culture
  • Provide an environment free of discrimination

To join the brigade, you must:

  1. Click on the button Join our brigade and schedule an appointment to meet our team.
  2. During the meeting, we will discuss your ambitions and we will test your technical skills, which will allow present you with missions that match your competencies.
  3. Following this meeting, you will have access to our personalized web platform allowing you to see all the contracts offered, according to your skills.
  4. You can manage your schedule independently and select the contracts that interest you, according to your desires and availability.

This solution developed by Sacrée Soirée is at the heart of the philosophy that defines our organization. Thus, when you join the Sacrée Soirée brigade, the self-service platform allows you to have access to online contracts at any time, according to your skills, your preferences and your availability. You are in full control of your professional life!