A crew of passionate professionals ready to accomplish all missions

Sacrée Soirée is a must for all hospitality and restaurant professionals who, at a certain point in their career, want to work on mandates specifically suited to their skills.

The crew is comprised of professionals from various fields who join forces for special missions to work their magic in catering and hospitality.

Join the crew

To join our crew you need to:

  • Complete an analysis of technical and practical skills developed by Sacrée Soirée to access missions that correspond to your skills.
  • Be self-employed.

Self-service philosophy

When you join the Sacrée Soirée team:

  • The self-service platform enables you to access online contracts 24/7, depending on your skills, your schedule and your service preferences. In short, as a self-employed worker, you have complete control over your professional life!
  • This solution, developed by Sacrée Soirée, is at the heart of the self-service philosophy that defines our organization.