Our team has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, which allows us to support the operations of regional hotels as well as those located within greater Montreal area.

We recognize that managing people is an everyday challenge. Thanks to our online platform, we will offer you a customized solution, in order to quickly fill the positions available on your team, such as Maître D’, bartenders, waiters, busser, hosts, kitchen chefs, sous-chefs, cooks, cook helpers and dishwashers.

We also offer support for the launch of your new projects, as well as complete or partial outsourcing of your brigade, for service and kitchen staff, depending on your occupancy rate and calendar of events, so you can achieve your performance goals.


Recruitment, turnover, benefits and absenteeism account for approximately 75% of the costs associated with workforce management in organizations. By working with Sacrée Soirée, you save time and money while maintaining your standards of quality and productivity.

Visit the Brigade page for more information on our rigorous technical and practical skills analysis process.