It all started 20 years ago. Sacrée Soirée then offered placement services to caterers, companies in the event sector, conference centers, sports complexes and hotels seeking to meet their workforce needs. This is how we have become one of the largest pools of kitchen and service professionals in North America.

Over time, more and more food service companies, hospitals and seniors’ residences have called on the outsourcing and ad hoc, temporary or permanent placement services of Sacrée Soirée. This expansion took place naturally, so that at the start of 2020, Sacrée Soirée was positioned as a partner of choice for a multitude of organizations in the health and elderly care sectors.

Considered an essential service due to our involvement with retirement homes and long-term care centers (CHSLD), we continued our collaboration with our existing partners and new establishments were added to the list. In recent months, we have made several operational changes, including:

  • The training of our employees and members of our brigade on hygiene and housekeeping measures
  • Obtaining a personnel placement agency license from the CNESST
  • The implementation of preventive measures promoting the health and safety of all of our employees

As a result of extensive reflection, we have decided to develop a distinct service offering for the healthcare sector and retirement homes. We are now very proud to announce the launch of our new service: eSSentiel, by Sacrée Soirée.

With this new initiative, our team’s mission is to meet the workforce needs of organizations in these sectors of activity, by providing qualified personnel who are aware of the realities of work in living environments. We are firmly convinced that this new approach will allow us to continue our development with the greatest respect for our customers, our employees and their respective needs.

Sacrée Soirée President